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  1. The western party ended!

  2. Please don't post these threads that don't have a point. This really is a support forum you know :)


  3. But but Trent, you are missing the point! The western party has ended!!

  4. Time for the eastern celebration to begin!!!!!!!!

  5. lettershometoyou

    The northerners and southerners feel snubbed.

  6. The people of non-directional denomination respectfully withold their applause.

  7. I am here to speak for the multi-directional! A very underrepresented minority!

  8. I'm Western, and I didn't even get invited, dammit!!!

  9. I think the most important point of the original post to remember is that "josh is cool." In fact, he's so cool that he doesn't feel the need to reply to our witty and humorous responses.

  10. Maybe it works the other way round and we get an invite to the Eastern Party?

  11. dissfunktional

    we really do need to consider getting that together ya know. The party thing.

    So which country > whose house?

  12. Matt's house. Don't tell him, he'd only fret.

  13. dissfunktional

    okie dokie! address? I'll use mapblast. We can all use mapblast. or quest.

    Party at Matt's house!

    Date, we need a date...

  14. I'm taking Perez Hilton. Then maybe he'll throw me a link!

  15. dissfunktional

    doesn't he have orange hair? pink?

  16. Yellow today.

  17. Rain, sorry but he's gay. And he once had blue hair too. :O

  18. They make the BEST dates, because they never get upset if you ditch them because you met someone else.

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