hello all ! newbie Q re: category & page question

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    Hi, I’m new ( a shout of newbie hi’s to every1), new blogger by name of Bluemusedreams

    I edit my “hi all” page. And created a new page about music.
    I also just created a category “nov” and a music subcategory.

    I see these categories on my sidebar, but only on the “hi all” page, not the music page.

    Q1) Technically I wanted to have both these pages filed under “nov” category, with the music page under the “music” subcategory – so, what did I do wrong ?

    Q2) In the future exactly if I have 50 new pages, how do they all show up on my site ?
    and will my “hi all” page be always the first page anyone sees ?

    thanks !



    http://bluemusedreams.wordpress.com/ this is the blog you’re referring to i assume?

    and by ‘hi all’ page do you mean the ‘hello world’ post in your front/home page? there is a difference between posts and pages

    i’m not sure where your music post has gone, but you can see all the posts you’ve made by going to dashboard -> manage -> posts. if you want to view the pages you’ve made it’s the same steps except you click on -> pages instead of -> posts.

    your front/home page will show the latest posts at the top. all published posts and pages should appear at your blog.



    your ‘hi all’ post will not be the first thing your reader sees unless you make it a static page or into a page.

    you should put your ‘hi all’ post into a page. the link will be next to your home/front page tab so readers can access it easily.


    hi Thanks sulz ,

    I made the “home” page static, at least I think I did, but it was always a page/tab. The only tabs/pages I have are 3 : home / about / recent posts…. which has my music post in it.

    I’m still stuck with the categories. I’ve read the faq and I understand the difference, not sure about what’ I’m doing wrong with the execution, I think I figured out my answer on 2 of the above… but

    – In the future exactly if I have 50 new pages, how do they all show up on my site ?

    – With these “new” 50 future pages, can I categorize & “sub-categorize ” each one ?




    actually i don’t believe we can categorise pages, but posts. pages are just categorised to your default category. as for posts, yes, we can categorise, sub-categorise and tag every one.



    Hello. I need help. Do any of you go on Club Penguin and used one of their Fan Banners? Because I want to use one and I don’t know where to paste the sourse to put it on my blog. Thanks for helping me and letting me know!!



    berry10001: please don’t hijack threads, it’s rude. your request has nothing to do with the op’s.

    you should start a new thread and post the code so we can see if it’s suitable for your wp.com blog.



    umm ok.


    If there isn’t a post in the forum that is related to your question, then start a new post with your question.



    Perhaps berry10001 doesn’t need too much encouragement. The thread he/or she posted seems to be chat https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=18313

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