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Hello. I'm new. *waves*

  1. Hello. I'm Ris and I'm new here...

    I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to check out my blog. I am serious about writing and I hope that my blog will get many subscribers. =]

    I'm sorry if I shouldn't be posting this. I'm not sure of the "rules" around here. =] So yes...any helpful hints/suggestions/new friends would help. =]

    Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Ris, welcome to WordPress. If you're new, you might find these beginner's resources and the FAQs useful to check out; they'll show you the ropes. :)

    I'd be happy to pop over and have a look at your blog. Can you provide the address though, so we can find it? Alternatively you can link your username here to your blog by going to View Your Profile > Edit > Website. That way we can find it straight away.

    If you'd like people to make a quick review of your blog or see if they have any suggestions, check out the Critique My Blog thread running in the forums. You can also Plug Your WordPress.Com Blog here, and whenever you have a new post, you can tell us about it in the What Did You Post About In Your Blog Today? thread.

    Good luck and enjoy your blogging. :)

  3. Oh thank you cjwriter. =] My address is

    Thanks for all the links. I'll have to check some of those out. =]

  4. *waves* daytime and welcome!

  5. Welcome!

  6. Thanks everyone for welcoming me.

    I'll hopefully get the hang of this website. =]

  7. Happy blogging :)

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