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hello to raincoaster from across the Strait

  1. Hello there lady. :) How the heck are you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ha, fine, how are you?

    I may be heading to Poet's Cove to look it over for a retreat. I've been over to Victoria a couple of times lately, was thinking about you. We should catch up. Maybe I should add you on FB (they deleted my last account, THANKS NAZIS).

  3. {{ waves to the west coast from across the pond

  4. How are things over there? Nobody tearing down any walls lately?

  5. There's not much of a wall to tear down anymore.

  6. @rain
    I deleted my Facebook account long ago due to privacy (lack thereof) concerns. However, we can chat on twitter.

    Waving back at you too. :)

    Update: Completed the year end testing for head injury - 6 months more until recovery. May have some residual problems. Completed 3 weeks of outpatient IV therapy and feel like a pincushion. My new dog arrived yesterday and I'm in love. lol ;)

  7. What kind of dog? Hit me up on Twitter when you're there.

    I didn't get the option to delete my Facebook account; Zuckboy went ahead and did it for me. Gee, thanks.

  8. All we need now is Sulz

  9. I saw her on Twitter yesterday!

  10. Autumn is here. The sunshine has turned to liquid. :(

  11. Indeed, my stationary bike is out on the patio under a plastic tarp right now. Time to dig out the fedora and the brolly.

  12. Hi, i'm new to WP. Gentledove mentioned Sulz. Who's Sulz? :-D

  13. /Waves @TT

    Hello GD, long time no see or hear from you how have you been lately ?

  14. Wot r u up to NOW Yella? =L= u r Yella of old r'nt you? if so nice 2 c an old friend, if not nice 2 meet. :)

  15. Tecky babes how in heck r u? it's been a busy ol' year for me, I had no poems for months so I wasn't online much, but I had four or five all at once, I doesn't sit and try to think them up, if they comes they comes and if they don't I don't care. :o but you are not quite so ubiquitous as you used to be either. You must be making money. :)

  16. Wow! Teck a mod now! Sweet!

    @GD: mwa!

  17. @GD, I have been doing great holding down a job and helping out taking care of my mom since she had a stroke which now doesn't leave much time for blogging anymore.

    @yellaojrak, How have you been lately ?

    Wow! Teck a mod now! Sweet!

    Yep I finally jumped through the WP hoops to become a mod, = )

  18. Prayers for mum Teck, give her a little hug.

  19. Yella I gotta tell ya, when I read your first blog, that very first article, I thought "I want nowt to do with you gal" :o annnd for your information I grew up on honey on toast breakfast, every morning, and YOU single handedly turned me off it for life, I feel sick just thinking about it. You have got alot to answer for you.
    Yellaojrak gonna ride a pony [yeh yeh]
    she no can sing she can whistle on'y [oh yeh]
    when she comes back boy you'd better hide
    cos she's gonna whup on your backsi-ide [yeh, YEH yeh yeh]

  20. @teck: congrats!
    I have been going through hard time with rapid moodswings during my pregnancy. But now, I'm a lot better. I have two sons now, by the way.

    @GD: please forgive me, sweet girl. I knew the post was twisted but I never thought it would part someone from their honeyed toast. I'll be careful next time.

  21. Hello raincoaster. Can you see me waving?

  22. Everybody can see you waving here. And look! Teck waved at you!

    Hi Teck!

  23. Oh Yella, prayers for you too, He cares for you.

  24. Oh Yella, prayers for you too, He cares for you.

  25. @yellaojrak congrats on the pregnancy, = )

  26. She has a new babe :)

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