“Hello World!” on Top After Making New Post?

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    Okay, so I know that the first post you have is the “Hello World!” one. Well, I editted it and everything earlier today. And then, I posted another entry later today, but for some reason, on my front page, the “Hello World!” is still on top! Is there some way to fix this?



    If you look on your Manage page in your dashboard, you will see that the time stamp on the Hello World post is after that of your other post. Since the blog’s front page is arranged with the most recent posts on top, you are seeing the Hello World post on top. You probably edited the time offset on the Options page before posting your 2nd post. You can edit the Hello World post and edit the time stamp if you want to place it below your other post.



    Oh wow. Thanks a bunch! :D



    You can even go to Edit Post and delete it, or do that right from Manage.

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