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Hello, World! Post Stuck in Top Rated Widget

  1. After initiating the Top Rated Widget, I deleted the "Hello, World" placeholder post from the blog and emptied the trash. However, a link to the post's old url still shows up in the widget. When you click on the link in the widget, you're taken to the old url, resulting in a 404 error. How do i get that post unstuck from the widget?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The top rated widget goes on a 24-48 hour cycle, so it might be that it will take a day for it to clear and recalculate things. See what happens after 24 hours.

  3. If the post is still stuck on the widget after 72hrs I then recommend submitting a support ticket via this → contact link

  4. @matthewjadams
    I visited the blog linked to your username and observed that you have not deleted the "Hello World" placeholder post in that blog. Here's the URL for that post. This causes me to wonder whether or not you were referring to that blog or to a different blog.

    Reference link >
    Top posts widget > The Top Posts Widget displays your most popular posts as of the last 48 hours. >

  5. @timethief
    Thank you. Yes the blog is indeed different. I'm working on http://

    I'll wait an extra 48 without touching it and then move forward.

    Thanks, everyone!

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