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  1. First off, let me apologize up front. I am brand new to this (my blog's a week old) and I have some questions that I can't figure out answers to on my own.

    Is there a way to get into the HTML script and upload
    (a) adsense and the like
    (b) visible stat counters

    I've gone into the source, edited it, but can't import into my site. Believe me, I realize this is probably something very basic covered by Matt in the FAQ. I was under the impression that adsense wasn't allowed, but then read on another wp forum that people were using it.

  2. If you goto your Dashboard there is a button for Blog stats.

    The FAQ answers your question about adsense and I don't know what you mean by "the like".

  3. Right. I have no problem accessing the internal stats. But, I'd like to put a hit counter on the front page, if possible.

    As for adsense. If you get time, please take a look at this.

    They seem to be using it on WP blogs.

  4. Well they can use it on their own hosted WP blogs. doesn't allow Adsense yet and will in the future.

  5. Roger. Thanks for your patience. Much appreciated.

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