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    A number of months ago I uploaded wordpress to my website and began using it. I was experimenting with it to later use for a client that needed CMS. Anyways, I went about a month without logging on to play around with the blog online and when I went to log in yesterday, it said that I didn’t have a blog and needed to download one. I was confused, so I just went through with it and now all my information is lost on there. Also, I tried to upload from GoLive the files that I had here and they are not showing up. Specifically, I created a 404 error page and it will not work. I keep getting the wordpress blog homepage as a default for a page not being found. I am very frustrated and need to jave this figured out quickly.




    1) Please use the correct site. If you’re using the downloadable version of WordPress, then you need to be over there as it’s different software. This is covered in the Please read me first post at the head of the forum.

    2) Please use a descriptive title for your posts. “Help” tells us nothing about your issue.

    Good luck,



    sorry about that. now i understand that there is a difference. i was wondering why this support area looked different from the other times i used it.

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