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  1. Well, this is where the system all falls apart, I guess. If the volunteers know when to contact staff, and when those volunteers have stopped answering my questions, do I get to know when the "staff" is going to become involved?

  2. @coffeedad, your mail client is the email program you use. Outlook, for example, is a mail client. What you're being recommended to do is make sure emails are not being sent directly to your spam filter. Some mail clients allow you to "whitelist" (think in terms of a white hat signifying a good guy) certain domains like so email from anything will be considered safe and not sent to spam.

    Have you gone to and tried to log in?

    "Theme Wu Wei with 6 Widgets" means you are currently running the Wu Wei theme (which you should have chosen, as it is not the default theme) and you have six widgets in your widgeted area.

    This page (and the links within it) may help you out.

    And when you get stuck, don't be afraid to post your own thread here. We'll help you as much as we can!

  3. I'll flag this for Staff attention and then you can explain to them that what you need is leassons in how to use your email program and your computer.

  4. Re: domain mapping for

    Hi Macmanx,

    I've changed the dns records, but I still can't seem to map this domain
    any suggestions?
    I;ve spoken with my registrar and the dsn are set to wordpress.

    any suggestions?

  5. Re: domain mapping for

    Ok Never mind
    looks like it's working


  6. @coffeedad, the system actually works pretty well. Nearly every question in this forum gets answered within a few hours either by a volunteer or a staff member, sometimes both. And there are some very knowledgeable volunteers here, so it's not like you're getting second-class treatment! :)

    Why don't you see if you can log into your site with the information you've received, and play around with it for a bit. I've found WordPress to be very intuitive, so you might be able to figure a lot out on your own. Like I said before, when you do get stuck, feel free to post a new thread with your question/issue and someone should be able to tackle it pretty quickly.

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