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  1. Well, I am having trouble putting alink into image form on my widgets. Tried BlogStatwidget but it's boring so I got a Flag Counter,. How do I get that Flag Counter link into image form? I also tried image link widget ut it kept taking away my link and making it disappear right after I clicked save. The link is disappearing and every time I put it in it just disappears after I click save. Help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) Please make descriptive titles when posting in the forum. That will draw to your thread people who are experts in the area you're having problems with, and save everyone time.

    2) You are attempting to post widget code that's getting stripped because it isn't secure. You'll have to find HTML-only widget code, like from Clustrmaps.

  3. Raincoaster-Ok, I tried that, but it seems people still ignored my discussion. I thought the more bold, the more attention.

    I saw people with Flagcounters, so I have to find an HTMl. Where would that be on that site? Flag I made a views per site counter but where is the HTML.

  4. Raincoaster, when I made my FlagCounter, it gave me the HTML, but I put it in image widget and/or link widget and they both just took away the HTML.

  5. That's because it wasn't just HTML; it probably had javascript in it as well.

    I know Timethief has done a roundup of flag counters etc that work on, so check out her blog at and I'm sure you'll find something that works.

  6. Thank you Raincoaster.

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