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  1. I screwed up my profile, panicked and tried to create a new one. Now I think I have more than one user that I've created, I can't delete this thing and start new. I can't just create a new account because I've used my email address. I may just look for some other site to launch a domain off of if I can't get this thing figured out. Any suggestions?I
    Blog url:

  2. is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    Slow down, don't delete anything... everything can be fixed. If you created more than one blog, leave the URL's...

    Did you create the 'profile' when you were registering the blog?

  3. Yes. I created the profile. The problem came when I tried to change my username. I thought I successfully did that but apparently the new user name is not a site administrator so I can't make changes on that username. If I use my original username it denies my password. When I ask for an email to request a password change it won't send me on because that email is attached to the username that has no admin privileges. I know I really screwed it up. I should never get in such a hurry.

  4. No, something is obviously not intuitive with the whole process because we see a TON of people in similar situations every day. I'll flag this for staff to sort out.

  5. So
    So does this mean you can help me? What should I do?

  6. This means please wait patiently for Staff assistance as the thread has been flagged for their attention.

  7. Thanks. I wasn't sure what to expect.

  8. What is the username that you're trying to gain access to?

  9. jkandrews12

  10. Unfortunately, you chose to delete that account when you changed your username to hasldkfj.

    It cannot be recovered.

  11. I was afraid of that. Even though it tells me that jkandrews12 is still in use and that it is the administrator for hasldkfj?

  12. The hasldkfj blog still exists, but the hasldkfj username no longer exists.

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