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  1. julieandjuliarevisiting

    help the header! i download the image, but i get half and some text: no site. Huh?

    thx, k

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The suggested header image dimensions are 960 by 250 (width, height). However, both are flexible so you can upload a smaller cropped image if you wish. The width is limited to 2000.

  3. julieandjuliarevisiting

    Hi timethief,

    Sorry, i had two speechless..... don't ask me why, but I found which was the domain and i changed title, to Modern sweets, and added pages, deleted the first speechlesscakes. Evidenty, is active, now the issue is the header, and some text below half of the image that says, "not found, sorry, you are looking for something that is not here. "Huh?
    in terms of the image size, I changed dimensions many times, but I tried to crop it, it will not let me crop the whole image, so, I get half as you can see. I will go to suport-theme/custom-header-image. and try it again. theme/custom-header-image. thx k

  4. Hi there,

    Can you better describe your issue? I'm not sure I fully understand. I can see your header image - it looks like it's in the right position and correctly aligned, so I think I may not understand :)

    Just let me know!

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