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  1. As I was editing my post, I clicked "update" to ensure that the content I had thus far was saved. Instead, I was brought to a page that "could not be displayed". I clicked refresh on my browser only to find that all of my content is lost! I have looked under revisions with no autosave files found. What is going on?!?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) it is not necessary to make the same post more than once.

    2) have you done a forum search? This is a very common problem.

    3) have you looked in your Drafts and Revisions to see if it's there?

    4) are you subscribed to your own blog via RSS or email and if so, have they received the post? You can copy/paste from there.

  3. I have done a forum search and have found no solution. I have looked in my drafts and revisions but there seems to be a 1 hour gap between the autosaves, so most of the information has been lost. Unfortunately I am not subscribed, so no.

  4. Look through here: and do not EVER use the New Post button on the grey admin bar. It pretends to autosave, but the autosave does not work.

  5. PS - using the recommended editor from @RC - the first thing I do once I have a title it click on Save Draft - and I use that button often - I don't trust auto anything when writing - also doing your work with an offline editor such as Windows Live Writer also helps - sometimes I use my regular Word Processing program but I paste the text into the Plain Text paste box

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