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    I created an account months ago and now want to start a blog and can’t seem to find how to do that.

    I don’t want to start another blog, just continue with what I started before and can only find the page that says “Get another blog in seconds” –

    How do I find what I started?



    Everyone who posts here posts for help and we are expected to use descriptive thread titles so others cannot locate them in the forum searchbox if and when they have similar problems.

    The blog linked to your username has been deleted and the URL cannot be recycled. That’s why 3 warnings are given and a confirmation link in an email must be clicked in order to delete a blog.

    You will have to click the sign-up links and register another blog with another URL.



    It looks like you deleted your blog, once deleted it is gone forever – you need to start over with a new name.

    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

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