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    Hi there,

    This is my blog:

    I want to get the CSS upgrade so I can edit the CSS to GET RID OF THE BLACK NAVBAR beloe the header. I assume this will be pretty easy. Can anyone tell me what to change (from what codeto what code) and where i change it within the stylesheet?

    Thanks you in advance for your speedy reply.

    The blog I need help with is



    You’ll get faster help if you make a more specific subject line.

    As well, there’s no blow-by-blow support for the CSS upgrade here. If you don’t know how to do simple changes, it’s best if you don’t buy the upgrade. You’re pretty much on your own with it.



    The code you want is below. Don’t copy over the entire existing stylesheet, this will cause trouble. Just paste in the following line and check the “add to existing” box. You can preview your changes before you buy but as raincoaster says, the upgrade isn’t recommended if you don’t know much about CSS as wordpress doesn’t offer specific support for it and there aren’t many of us volunteers around to help.

    #access {display:none;}



    Thank you halluke! This is exactly what I needed. I only want the upgrade for this one change. I realize I’m in over my head. Thanks so much.

    p.s. will it be obvious where i put/replace this code?




    From your main dashboard go to Appearance > Edit CSS. Copy that one line of code into the CSS area and check the “add to existing” box then click Save. Et Voila!

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