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  1. I had 350 photo albums on live spaces and I have now moved to wordpress. Is there a quick and easy way to bring these photos across?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unfortunately, no there isn't and you probably wouldn't want them here anyway. WordPress is blogging software, not photo album software, so I recommend you move them to somewhere more specifically photo-oriented like Flickr.

  3. i am agree with raincoaster..

  4. Hello there,
    Please see this post at the top of the forum

    If you are you experiencing trouble using please take a look at our support page dedicated to the upgrade process here:

    Please note that the following items do *NOT* come over in the import process:

    Photos that were in albums but not within posts
    Photos that weren’t used in posts are not part of the import process because they aren’t actually part of the Windows Live Spaces blog. They are part of the Photos or Skydrive service. The photo albums from Skydrive are always accessible and aren’t going anywhere. Anyone can find them at


    Please see here >

    Pending/draft posts
    Right now, the draft posts are trapped in limbo and Staff are communicating with Live Spaces about them.

    The migration to is permanent. If you have any trouble with it contact Staff directly using this link

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