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    I want to know what CSS is and how to use it. Please help

    The blog I need help with is



    CSS is the styling which makes text, images and the look of the blog change. You have to have prior experience using CSS and some HTML (the code for inputting text, images ; though you can’t edit the HTML with the CSS upgrade)

    A CSS upgrade allows you to change the way your blog looks using code. For example p {color:blue;} changes all paragraph text to blue. You can learn how to use CSS at this popular website:

    WordPress allows for the purchase of this upgrade. See for official support


    atthe404 on CSS:

    There is no trick. But doing CSS requires an understanding of the markup (xhtml). There is no way round that. The CSS applies styles to stuff. To what stuff depends on the markup. So number one read the source (View Source). Get used to it. Feel comfortable with it. Two. Understand what the heck selectors actually are. Different cats of selectors behave in different ways. SO: this is counter intuitive. To understand the CSS do not start in CSS. Start in the xhtml. Then see how they relate. Its all there. :)
    There are gazillions of CSS tutorials on line.

    Also look at the top of this very CSS forum that you posted in to the sticky posts. There are good references right there.

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