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  1. OK this person stole my club penguin puffle animation and wont give me cridet want to report him but will i get my blog gone and if i wont how do i report????

  2. Is the other person's blog also on And no you won't lose your blog if you report someone else's blog.

  3. So, do you have like a REAL copyright thing, thats actually legal, or do you just have a "dont copy my pics" thing. We need that to help you.

  4. I forgot to add that I believe you can contact support at - [email redacted]

    Can someone reading this tell me if this is the actual email address. Thanks!

    And provide as much information as possible like the link to the other person's blog and the link to your own blog and describe in detail exactly what the problem is.

  5. Yes, that is the actual email address.

    If you made the animation yourself and didn't make it publically embeddable when you uploaded it to YouTube or whatever, then yes, you have a case to make for theft. If you made it embeddable when you uploaded it, you don't have a case because making it public MEANS being okay with having it shared. It's polite to credit the source, but as each YouTube is a link to the source page on YouTube where the originator's name is, that counts as credit already.

  6. so could we get the animation and the blog url for the person that stole it? If we new what type of animaiton it was we could better help you.........

  7. Ok guys thank you. he just coped a picture i made and he didn't ask for my permission and now he refuses to take it off.

  8. Is it a blog? If so, contact support and give them the details. If it isn't a blog, then you are going to have to go through "whois" and find out who their host is and the email address or whatever for "abuse." You will have to provide links to your blog, and to the stuff you say he took from you, and any correspondence you have had with him as well as a link to where your stuff is on his blog or website.

    Do realize that the stuff has to be yours (created by you) and not something that was taken from another site.

  9. Yes it is a wordpress blog, and I Got permission from club penguin to do it so it was created by me (the picture) but the idea is by club penguin

  10. The person who took your stuff is on Is that right? If so, then you need to do as I suggested in my previous post and contact support.

  11. There's a difference between and, though, and it's important. Read the thread at the top of the forums that explains it before you carry on forward. Sounds like you've got copyright, though.

  12. its probably since she had a club penguin blog where the picture stolen came from. And since a club penguin blogger would have used it, the person has to be a child/teenager. And kids don't like paying money for server fees on

  13. The bottom line here is that volunteers cannot help you on a copyright issue. Please contact staff directly during support hours using this link

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