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    First of all , i hope am not annoying any one by my question cuz i know it may had been answered many times
    anyway i was asking about the wordpress mp3 player
    I read the tutorial on wordpress support and it was really usefel but my proplem is that am not too much good when it cames to HTML language
    my question is it possible that my mp3 player can start automaticly when i open my page ? i mean i had to start it manualy each time but i wanna it to start automaticly when i log into my page , is it possible ??
    another question is about mp3 player colour and style .. i know the code but i don’t know which code is refering to which colour and style .. you got me ?
    thanx in advance …

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. In order to ensure we’re giving you accurate advice, could you give an example of a blog entry where you’d like the player to start automatically or look different? (Please provide the full URL)



    There are a few choices for audio playback on using shortcodes:

    The main audio shortcode is documented here:



    Auto start audio tends to really really upset many users – I won’t go back to an auto-start site – many times I have something already playing and something walking all over what I am listening to is real annoying and I just click off the site never to return again.


    To answer your original questions:
    1) Here’s which code is referring to which part of the WP audio player:
    2) No, that player has no auto-start option. Here’s other players that do:

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