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Help accessing accounts after a death?

  1. My boyfriend was a developer, he died and his clients are hoping I can get them access to their wordpress administrator accounts. These are their domains: and

    Also I need help finding where, i.e what company, their domains are pointing from, so I can contact them as well.

    *I have no passwords, and no other information, besides his email, and his clients email.
    Blog url:

  2. This thread has been flagged for Staff assistance. Note that it's the weekend and you will have to be patient while waiting.

  3. Rats! I should have checked out the URLs first. is no a free hosted blog and we can't help you with it. It's being hosted by and the support forum for WordPress.cor installs is here is also a install hosted by Linode and we can't help you with it.

  4. I removed the flagging for Staff. For clarity on the differences read > vs.

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