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Help! Adding a "pinterest" button

  1. I am trying to add a pinterest button when you hover over each of my photos instead of having the "pin" button below my post. I am not sure what theme I am going to be using, I am playing around with them right now to find which one I like.
    Please help : )

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot use JavaScript pin-it widgets or buttons nor can we install any plugins on free hosted blogs. They are for WordPress.ORG installs.

  3. @luvscout, the existing Pinterest button could be moved, but position: absolute has to be used to do that and that means the button no longer has a relationship to the other elements of the web page. If there is text before an image, or if the post title goes to two or more lines, or if your images vary in size, the button could be out of place.

    I can't think of another way to do what you are asking.

  4. The "Pin it" hover button has been added! It now gets auto-enabled if you have connected Pinterest in Settings > Sharing and selected the "Official buttons" option for button style setting.

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