HELP adding a right SIDEBAR instead of footer_Balloons theme

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    Hello there,
    I’ve just started blogging and I’m using the BALLOONS theme but I’d like to add a left sidebar in addition of already existing footers.
    Anybody can help??
    Thank You.

    The blog I need help with is



    Balloons doesn’t have a sidebar. To transform one of the footer widget areas into a sidebar you’d need the Custom Design upgrade and experience in CSS editing.


    looks like undecode language to me :(
    For “custom design upgrade” you mean to switch to a .com/org/net/..? Then from there on with the CSS editing i should be able to do it..right?



    No. justpi means you have to purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing. Please read:

    Or you can choose a theme does does have a sidebar >


    Thank you so much, both of you! I’ll find a way through these links ;)



    Let me be clear. There is a way. It cannot be done free of charge. It costs money ie. $30. every year and it requires CSS editing skills.


    yep i got it ;) thanks again!



    Okay, I wasn’t sure if you got it or not so thanks for the confirmation.

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