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help adding links like other blogs, or blog groups

  1. hi, i want to add links to my plog main page, the links seem to be in html code. i have tried to figure out where to place this, tried in the blog, could not figure out the links. i really want a group of links down the right side,,,, please can anyone direct me. jamie

  2. Go to Dashboard then Design then widgets, then choose right sidebar, then Add Text widget, then press save changes, then click Edit on the Text widget, then insert the html, then click save changes. And voila job done, if I understand your question.

  3. will try,, tanks....j

  4. You could put them in your blogroll, too, if you use the Links widget in your sidebar. Go to Manage->Links and put it in there.

  5. And in the text widget, you'll probably need to add a
    after each link.
    What is your blog address?
    You can link it your name in these postings under the Users menu (I think).

  6. Well wordpress removed the code I put in, which was br with a pointed bracket on each side of it.

  7. If you post code in the forums, you need to put it between backticks or it won't display properly. Backticks are on the same key as the ~ and look like; `

  8. < thank you >

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