Help. Akismet deleting legit comments!

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    Legitimate comments from long time commenters with links are not even reaching my moderation box now. Only comments without links seem to get to moderation.
    On the other hand earlier today a whole stack of obvious spam was offered up as legitimate comment, while all my regulars were in the spam pile.
    Akismet really malfunctioning.
    I don’t mind moderating linked comments, but let me at least see them!
    Will try support too.
    The Worst of Perth



    No I can’t contact support. It says closed. I don’t even seem to be able to leave a message for some reason.



    I can’t believe no-one else is getting this problem. No-one?



    I am seeing this. I have two commenters who drop comments with normal email addresses and usernamens and Akismet is snagging them.



    I’m having problems leaving comments on blogs that I have been a regular guest/commenter on for months. It seems my comments are being sent to spam and moderation and one of the blogs says she doesn’t even have moderation enabled. Things were fine until last night.



    Legit comments are being delayed for hours before turning up in the moderator box. Last time l had 6 legit comments in the spam box (+2 spam) and 2 spam in the comment ready box. No answer from akisment so far and no-one can help here by the look of it.


    This happens from time to time. I have had 8,300+ spam comments caught, but only about 10 legitimate comments falsely sent to spam. That’s why it pays to check your askimet spam dump every so often. Just mark them as not spam, and they will drop into your comments no problem.



    No, it’s worse than that. Legit comments are not even arriving. When they do (hours later sometimes), almost all the legit long term comments are in the spam pile. Most of the spam is in the awaiting comments. I have marked my legit comments as not spam several times. Now I don’t even seem to receive them. It’s not just a little glitch. It is big malfunction.


    Yeah, never run across anything that bad before.



    This is interesting. My problem seems to be the other way ’round. My five blogfriends’ comments are getting through fine, and there’s nothing legit in my spambox, but my comments are ending up in their spambuckets. (In fact, I wonder if this post will go through?)



    Our blog is having this problem, too! It’s a course blog ( and the students regularly comment and have had no trouble until several days ago- when about 3/4 of their comments started suddenly getting shunted into spam. Help!?



    Our blog is having this problem, too! It’s a course blog ( and the students regularly comment and have had no trouble until several days ago- when about 3/4 of their comments started suddenly getting shunted into spam. Help!?


    I’m having a problem with Akismet I’ve not heard before a few days ago. I’ve never had to moderate spam before on my blog. Never. In the past week I’ve had at least 3-4 spammies each day sent to me for moderation. It’s not the same problem, but I wonder if they are the result of the same malfunction.


    I am finding most, if not all of the comments i am making to fellow wordpress blogs are being snagged by akismet. It began a couple of days ago and now it is getting very old! I think (although I am not certain) most of my commentators are getting through to me but I am not getting to them – grrrrrrrrrrrr


    Then again, perhaps I am not really legitimate! I must talk to my mother about this – – –



    I un-spammed four of your comments yesterday and will search for your username before emptying Akismet again.

    Unfortunately, I think the current crop of random word spam, each coming from a different email and associated with a different URL has got Akismet confused. It’s learning, but it’s being overly cautious in some cases and not cautious enough in others.



    My blog is new, and I have only seen 3 comments caught by Akismet – ALL LEGIT. I wonder whether the rest (Akismet has caught 13 so far) are really spam. I’ve never seen them!



    Raincoaster, I don’t see how that should affect comments it already knows are legitimate and that have already been marked as not spam 5- 10 times in a row. I don’t actually think it is learning at all. It is more like HAL with its logic circuits being pulled out one by one.

    I emailed support and was advised to contact akismet. i had already done that and of course got absolutely no reply. Useless.


    Yes, Askimet is useless. Has been for month. We want out of it! Get rid of Askimet!


    Hi LazyAussie, have you deleted any comments in spam without reviewing them? I recently learned that Askimet remembers which comments are deleted from a particular email address and/or site(whether by you or automatically in 15 days), and deletes comments from those sources in the future without notifying you.

    Note: This means, your spam count will go up, but you won’t actually see which comments were deleted.

    Until last week, I’ve always deleted the spam box without review, but realized last week, that a few comments from legitimate visitors were being sent to spam. This week my spam box jumped from 180 to 243, yet I’ve only “seen” 5 comments in the spam box. I hope things work out, and look forward to reading an update. Also, I found the above information on the blog below. T

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