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Help - All Pages Have Disappeared

  1. oneinspireddude

    With the exception of my 'Home' page and 'About' page - all my pages have turned to duplicate of my Blog page and all sub-pages don't show. Any ideas? It just happened.

  2. You are not alone. Problems are afoot and the staff are aware of them

  3. me too! only my home page shows up, none of the others. Glad to know it not just me, but I'd love to know what's going on.

  4. Yes, we know. Your pages are safe, they are just not displaying properly. Working on a fix now. Should be fixed soon.

  5. me too... when i click on the article, it just keeps redirecting all of it to a url... and its blank!

    hope this gets fix soon...

  6. thank god!! I just got home and found my website gone!! almost started to cry!!

  7. Thank you, barry. This is quite distressing due to this being EDT evening traffic time.

  8. Will the pages comeback or will we have to redo them?

  9. Resolution FTW!

  10. You are not alone.
    Problems are afoot.
    Remain calm knowing staff is aware of the problems.
    Find something else to do for awhile.
    Cross your finger, pray or whatever.
    But do not lose your sense of humor.
    Remember: it's only a blog - there are back-ups - it's not the end of the world. :)

  11. Everything will be back to normal once we fix the problem. You will not need to re-do anything. I am closing this thread, and will update it once the problem is fixed.

  12. Problem has been fixed. Sorry for the alarm! Support is now closed, so if you are still having a problem with your pages displaying (not posts or anything else), comment here and I will look at it.

  13. hallelujah!! my pages are back...THANK YOU

  14. You about gave me a heart attack! I'm just glad you were able to get it resolved quickly. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for the speedy solution. ^_^

  16. YAY! Barry. :)

  17. oneinspireddude

    Thanks for being so responsive. You guys rock!
    'One Inspired Dude'

  18. My pages have disappeared. It is also changing my fonts, font color and deleting my titles of my entries. Please help!

  19. Should be fixed...just a blip.

  20. rachaelayresblogs

    My titles are gone too....and I read this thread before posting my own - looks like it might be connected. Only on one of my blogs though! The other's OK!

  21. Link to your blog please?

  22. Just noticed that at the bottom of my page doesn't have the Previous Entries link anymore and I have two pages so far on my new blog.

  23. @mymyspacelayouts

    I see a previous posts link at the bottom of your blog.

  24. Hmm. Now it's there. A minute ago it only had the dotted line ---------------- there.

  25. Yeah, appears to be a bug...working on it.

  26. Should be fixed now...

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