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Help asked for 'Users Profile'

  1. I want to change the email that you see in 'Options', because I can't access it anymore. I go to 'Accounts' an fill in my new one, but still, in 'Options' stays the old one. I want to delete the blog, but therefore I need the mail send to a valid address offcourse.

    Please I hope someone can help me out.

  2. Delete blog prob, too, for me. Unfortunately, WP is the "doctoral program" of blogs, and I'm still a "high school" blogger! So, I deleted the blog, and it notes that my email account will notify me. Hasn't happened. So, I'm w/ you...anyone know how to completely obliterate a WP blog offense intended to you "doctoral" WP bloggers!

  3. even if I get an delete-notification-mail, the 'deleted' blog is still active. How can you contact somebody from WP?

  4. The blog is now deleted, so problem is sort of solved.

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