Help!! – blog has disappeared!

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    I logged in (whilst the WordPress Support office was closed) to find my blog has disappeared. Instead of the blue ‘My dashboard’ there is a red ‘ Blog’ dashboard, and whenever I try to visit my blog I get redirected to the main page. Also, the incoming links on my Stats page, and the spam picked up by Akismet, have gone stratospheric! (If only the same happened to my blog hits. Sigh.) I can manage my posts, see the contents of the (what should be my) dashboard, but not seeing my blog is disconcerting. Can you help?



    Email staff at support at wordpress dot com or wait till they officially reopen at nine.



    I have exactly the same problem. I have 3 Blogs, 2 under and 1 under ( The last one has disappeared. After waiting about 1 hour, it appeared again for a time, but now it is gone again.
    (Error: Server noch found / Fehler: Server nicht gefunden)


    Member I don’t believe is anything to do with You’ll need to ask the host direct as we can’t help you here I’m afraid.



    Sorry, but when You try to get a here (, there is written “Ein weiteres in Sekunden” (“Another in seconds”), and a blog address of is shown. (This was some time ago.) Where can I ask now with my blog, when all 3 blogs are of, only the 3rd one with the .de-URL? is not reachable in the moment, by the way.



    Which blogs? I need the addresses.



    The adress, which doesn’t work, was written above:,
    the other ones (which are o.k.) are: and

    When logged in, I can see all of the 3 on my Dashboard, with all informations. But on clicking on “Site ansehen” (“View site”), I get the error with



    It seems to me that You ( have a confusion regarding which URL You are giving to people. Some weeks ago it was, then it was, some days ago it was again (with a friend of mine), now it is AGAIN (please look at!

    Now my .de-blog doesn’t work, and the redirection to .com (as shown under, when I’m signed in and all of my blogs are listed: there is written!), doesn’t work either.



    Hello Key Master,

    my .de-Blog ( likewise disappeared.
    I would be pleased, if I had access again as soon as possible.



    I have the same problem here. After logging in, the WP toolbar appears, but with only the “My Account” menu on the left and “Blog Info” menu on the right. Only the WordPress Global Dashboard is available and when I try to access my stats (via Windows IE History list) the page displays my blog name but is empty.



    We are investigating this problem, and will provide an update ASAP.



    There is a problem with our .de registrar not limited to us. We are working to get this resolved, but as we are at another’s mercy, I can’t provide an estimated time.



    Thank You. I shall simply wait. Now, with fool’s wisdom on our side, nothing can go wrong any more…



    Glad you’re looking into the problem for the .de registrar, foolswisdom.

    And I’m pleased to say my blog has appeared, nice and bright, once again… However, I’m going to keep the issue as ‘not resolved’ until I’m reassured there are global people who know what happened and can prevent the site acting up in that way again. Apologies if this is demanding. (Thank you for all you do.) But you see, I like my blog too much, and have a loyal following that is left bereft without it, to have it disappear again in the same way. Can I do anything to help the investigations?



    My blog also does not work anymore. It’s


    Have you reported this to staff?



    We are having problems with our registrar for the domain. It is not a technical problem, and we are still early in finding solutions for the problem, so we don’t have an estimated time to resolve.

    Unfortunately, this means that for now, your site can only be accessed using a web address of, like .



    For me there’s no problem at all with “.com” instead of “.de”. If You like, You can chance my adress to “.com” permanently. Perhaps You should have left everything at “.com” since the last weeks, when new addresses have been changed in the signup all the time.

    In Germany we had a report in Dec 06, telling people: “Aus wird” (“ is changed to”), see



    Please note that with the exception of attending to urgent matters Support is not open on weekends. That means it’s unlikely that foolswisdom will read what you have posted here until Monday. If you feel the matter is pressing then you can email support [at] wordpress [dot] com.


    I also got the red dashboard just now:

    And also sometimes was redirected to the main page.

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