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Help! Blog using wrong Twitter handle on Share button

  1. @ypmid-

    Hi there,

    I see that you just added the new Twitter connection a day ago. Your new posts should now publish on that account. I tested the connection and it seems like it's working! Please note, your previous posts will still remain under the old Twitter account.

    Let me know if you find otherwise!


  2. Same issue is happening for me on my blog - It should be using the twitter handle @matthewabauman NOT @CoachMeNYC for sharing (not sure why this is happening). Thanks!

  3. @realtorconfessions - I checked your connection and it is currently working. When you create a new post please make sure you Publicize connection is connected in the Publish module. It will look like this:


  4. Thanks Grace -- I think there was a miscommunication. I'm speaking about when someone else wants to share my post -- the twitter box opens up and this is what the tweet looks like: "New York, New York via @CoachMeNYC" -- but that twitter handle @CoachMeNYC is NOT the twitter handle I selected for "Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button." -- the one I want is @matthewabauman

    Let me know, thanks!

  5. Did you recently change your twitter handle? Because currently the one on there is @matthewabauman. Please note that all previous posts before you changed your twitter handle will be under the old account. Please try publishing a new post and check if the twitter handle is the old one.

    Let me know how this works out!

  6. HI there,

    Just an update. We are able to change the twitter handles for even old posts now. I have already gone and updated this for @letsbehumaneblog and @realtorconfessions.


    If you could provide me the blog and the old twitter handle I will update it for you!

  7. My twitter share button still shows @davidrmosley87 (which is an existing but now private account) instead of @elflandletters the account I created for my blog and the account i have in the box provided. The blog in question is Thanks.

  8. Hi David,

    I have just fixed it!

    Happy Blogging!

  9. Grace,

    Thanks so much!

  10. You're very welcome!


  11. Hi,
    I'm having the same issue with my posts on

    Pages show the new twitter handle, but old posts show my old twitter handle. The correct twitter name should be @chinchillatech


  12. Hi Armando,

    I cannot find your old Twitter handle. What was the old one?


  13. My old Twitter handle was mando511


  14. Hi Armando,

    It has been fixed.


  15. reasonforchange

    Greetings. I would love to get the exact same issue fixed. When I share from it's sharing @jaysongbird instead of @jaysondbradley.

    If you could remedy this, I'd be forever grateful.

  16. @reasonforchange-

    Hi Jason,

    It has been fixed.

    Happy Blogging :)

  17. Hi - Im facing an issue similar to the ones above.
    When I share my wordpress blog post to twitter, it picks up the wrong twitter handle @unlikedesign instead of this correct one @unlikedesignco / Could you please help me out on this - I tried deleting and re-establishing the share settings between wordpress and twitter but the problem remains.

  18. @unliked-

    Hi there!

    I have fixed this for you!

    Happy Blogging!

  19. Hi @gracejiyoung! Thanks but this only seems to have corrected the "via @unlikedesignco" problem. When the post appears on twitter - it again credits the author as @unlikedesign instead of @unlikedesignco / here is the link for you to see: / I'm sorry to bother in case this is a twitter issue and not a wordpress one but I could really do with some help. Thanks so much!

  20. @unliked-

    Currently I am seeing @unlikedesignco as seen here:

    If you are still seeing @unlikedesign can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies using the guide below?


  21. @gracejiyoung - Yes, the problem has gone away from the previous share. I don't see the wrong attribution anymore - however, the problem is repeating for a new share from the blog. For example, I just shared this from my wordpress blog: and in this case the author is wrong again (@unlikedesign)
    Thanks for giving this your time.

  22. Hi there,

    That's strange! Can you please try one more time? I just tried to share that same post via Twitter and was able to see your new Twitter handle as seen here:

  23. @gracejiyoung - of course that bit is now corrected and I see it exactly as the screenshot you sent - so that part is okay (just before pressing the tweet button)

    The problem is after the share - once the tweet appears on twitter. In the case of recent similar tweets (shares from wordpress), I ran the urls through this link:

    And the issue was resolved for those particular urls only which I ran through the twitter card validator.

    For twitter shares of other blog posts (the ones i did not run through the validator), the eventually posted tweet still shows the author as @unlikedesign on the twitter page. The intermediate window that shows just before the share is complete is okay and you solved that issue for me yesterday.

    Heres the link to the problem issue/tweet:
    (Notice that the wrong author - @unlikedesign is used at three places, even though the tweet text says "via @unlikedesignco")

  24. Ah I see what you're saying. I believe that post was created under the old Twitter handle? I see that post was published back in November 2013 - I originally thought it was a brand new post.

    The author information reflects the display name and Twitter handle that was there at the time the post was published. There's no way to change it, but it should reflect the correct one for posts you publish going forward.

  25. hi @gracejiyoung - well actually that wrong twitter handle is not mine at all, and even though the original post on wordpress is old, the share on twitter is brand new - i only shared that last night to show you how it attributes to a wrong author. i still had the same handle (@unlikedesignco) back in november 2013.

    looking ahead, i think i shall publish a new post to check on this problem. shall only trouble you further if the problem persists.

    thanks for your patience with this!

  26. OK sounds good. Let me know if the old Twitter handle appears in new posts!

  27. Hi, Grace! I'm a huge fan of WordPress! I see you've already fixed this issue for others, and I'm hopeful you can work your magic for me too...

    My blog is and my OLD Twitter handle was @SpecialKRB. New posts are being pushed to my NEW Twitter handle @KarenBlumberg through Publicize (and it's a great feature!) However, anyone sharing my posts with the Twitter share button end up sharing with my old Twitter handle. I've deleted/reinstated button button and deleted/relinked my Twitter account to no avail.

    Is this something you can help fix? Thanks in advance!

  28. Hi there,

    If the post was written under the old Twitter handle it will still show the old Twitter handle. However, I have "fixed" it so that from here on out your posts should show your new Twitter handle.

    Let me know if it's not!

  29. Hello,

    My old twitter handle is appearing on new posts. What should I do?

  30. @kayjonesy-

    Can you give me the old and new Twitter handles with the corresponding site URL?


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