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Help cancelling My Upgrades?

  1. Hello! We've migrated from a WordPress-hosted blog to a 3rd party hosted blog and would like to cancel the auto-renewal of our No Ads and Custom Design upgrades for the old blog. They are currently set to auto-renew on April 30, 2013. Could you please advise how to stop this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What's the blog address you are referring to? because currently your only have a Domain Mapping upgrade which expires at 2013-06-14 and won't auto-renew.

  3. Hi kardotim - it's for When I look at the "My Upgrades" panel it shows 3 upgrades: the domain mapping upgrade, no ads and custom design. The no ads and custom design show this underneath "This upgrade will be renewed automatically in 5 months on April 30, 2013" but do not offer a button to disable auto-renew.

  4. Alternately, if I delete the blog altogether, will that force any/all upgrades to not auto-renew since the blog would be gone?

  5. You can cancel the auto-renew by clicking on the [Disable Auto Renew] link on this page.

  6. Unfortunately, there aren't Disable Auto Renew buttons for the other 2 upgrades - screenshot of that section here

  7. I see. I've just disabled the auto-renewal for those upgrades.

  8. Great, so I should be good to go? I'd like to go ahead and delete the blog, but wanted to make sure we wouldn't be charged for auto-renewals on those items before I did so.

  9. I noticed you've already deleted the blog - in any case, yep - everything is ok now.

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