Help can't get email back up

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    I mapped my client’s domain but now their email isn’t working. Their email provider has given us one MX record for the DNS update but the client still can’t access email. I rang the provider and got an IP so I tried A mail
    and still not working. Any suggestions? HELP
    Otherwise is there a way to remove the mapping to wordpress and return to their old site until we find an email solution so they don’t have downtime?

    The blog I need help with is



    This might help:

    You should be able to undo the mapping by just pointing the name servers back to their old site



    Thank you for your response, grateful. I’ve switched back to the old nameservers.
    Can you suggest the best step forward for moving their domain and email – should we move their domain to larger provider and then email with google apps? I’m just wanting to avoid any downtime on their emails.
    Help …



    Also by moving the nameservers back, do I need to delete the dns record in wordpress ? or is it all fine with the nameservers? I just need to get the emails back working for the client asap. help help help

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