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Help - can't turn the quotation mark in the right direction!

  1. Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone knows a way to solve this problem: I typed an open quotation mark to begin a quote in a post, but the WordPress program posted it as a close quote (and keeps doing so no matter how many times I retype it). This has happened a few times. If WordPress used straight quotes, that problem wouldn't exist, but since this theme, at least, uses curly quotes, the error looks kind of glaring to me. (By the way, for my living I work as a proofreader, so of course it would look glaring to me.)

    Any suggestions appreciated...

  2. That may be down to the font used.

  3. I see opening quotes in this post right before the 'broadcasts from northwest arkansas' bit.

    Where are you not seeing them? (Always helpful to provide an example.)

    Which editor are you using? (The one with the icons along the top or the html tags?)

    How are you writing these posts?

    How are you producing the opening quotes?

  4. i spotted it! here:

    ”the politics of dancing and musicking,”

    in the final paragraph of the latest post:

    weird. You have at least 2 other instances of correct opening quotes in the same post.

    Do try to answer dr mike's other questions, though :)

  5. judyb12 is correct re. where the problem occurred (or at least the latest example).

    dr.mike: I usually use the editor with the icons when I'm writing text; I'll revert to the one with the html tags to eliminate wrong fonts (e.g., once in a while, when I copy from Word) or, sometimes, to fix errors in the links/URLs. Usually, if I do that, I'll double-check in the editor with the icons afterwards. The sentence with the wrong quote was typed directly into the editor with the icons.

    I usually write these posts right into the editor, sometimes saving them into drafts, sometimes sending them after I write them. I've decided that's much simpler and less error-risky than copying them from Word or another program....

    I'm producing opening quotes by hitting the quote key on my keyboard. There is only one regular (double) quote sign on the keyboard.

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