HELP! Changes in my posts and SPAM?

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    Please can you help me! I have a WordPress-blog since January 2007. Till now everything went well … Since several days I see changes in some titles (‘Today Updated’) that I didn’t update or change. When I as an administrator manage those ‘infected posts’, I see on the bottom of the post links to order drugs!!! What did I do wrong. I cannot ‘manage’ my blog anymore as i want it to be! What do I have to do? I must say, that I have put RSS-Feeds in widgets: are they the cause of this misery??
    I must say, we are two administrators: is it possible that my co-administrator is doing this evil thing? My blog is a ‘serious’ learning blog – ti’s impossible for me as a teacher to go on with the blog in this situation. Must I close it? Please, who can help me? Thank you very much for your support!



    I don’t understand Dutch so I can only judge on overall look, I can’t see any links to drugs…but I’d guess if these changes were made without your consent that it was done by the other administrator, I’d also guess that they have removed you as an administrator since you cannot change things yourself.

    I’d suggest talking to the other administrator to see if they have changed your status…..on many blogs there are 2 types of status, contributer and administrator… may be dropped to contributer.

    If these drug links are affiliate links then it is a TOS violation on WordPress and can be reported as such. Worst comes to worst….you may be able to close that existing blog down for a TOS violation and start new without the other administrator.



    Email me – you already have – and tell me your password.
    I won’t do anything at all unless you tell me your password.



    Hello dirkgently
    Thank you very much! The drug links are not visible for visitors on the blog, only for me as I want to ‘update’ the post that ‘went wrong’: I see changes in the posttitles and as I want to correct the text and go to the bottom of the post, I see a ‘bad’ link or two of them …

    Hello Mark
    Thank you, you’ve already read my email … I’ll contact you.

    To you both: Kind regards



    to Mark

    I have ‘updated’ the titles and posts with ‘errors’: I rewrote the titles and deleted the links in the ‘visual’ mode. Looking in the ‘code’ mode, I saw that some links were still there and I had to delete them there too. I hope the situation is ‘clean’ … and remains clean! I faced the problem some days ago for the first time in some posts and I reacted as I described above. But opening the blog today, I was confronted with more of ‘that awfull stuff” and I thought: this is impossible: I have no time to ‘clean up’ every day (or hour), I cannot manage this blog in the way it runs now – with ‘hidden links’! Who can be responsible for this ‘mess’?



    I wanted the password…you didn’t send it.



    I need every detail.
    It really just is not possible to tell me too much.



    I want to apologize to my co-admin after I have been reading around about spam … I was wasting so much time nowadays in ‘fighting’ that spam and didn’t know what to do, for it was the first time that I found it on our blog. Was it a student’s joke? Looking for a new plot for a goofy adventure? My imagination went on ‘turning’. No, this was/is reality!
    How did we get infected? For months there were no problems of that kind.



    Please take note that Mark has KeyMaster after his name. The rest of us are just volunteers. Mark is Support Staff so when he asks you questions please answer them fully and directly.

    As to spam we all get spam being hurled at our blogs every day. 90% of all email communication is spam. If you do not set your comments so they are Moderated then you can expect that spam will be posted on your blog.

    Do you know how to set up your comments so they are Moderated? If not instructions can be provided.



    Thank you!



    Thank you for your friendly advice! Please could you provide the instructions to moderate the comments?
    Kind regards



    -> Options -> Discussion
    (scroll down select the appropriate settings and then click “Update Options” to save)
    * Allow people to post comments on the article
    E-mail me whenever:
    * Anyone posts a comment
    * A comment is held for moderation
    Before a comment appears:
    * An administrator must always approve the comment
    * Comment author must fill out name and e-mail

    Hope this helps – happy blogging :)



    Hello timethief
    Thank you so much for your clear instructions! A great support for me as a starter.

    In return: happy blogging!



    You’re welcome. :)

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