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Help changing menu text color

  1. Does anyone have CSS suggestions for changing menu text color, as well as date/comment text color (want a different color other than blue)?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site linked to your username is not a free hosted blog. If you want CSS editing help then please post an active link to the free hosted blog in question starting with http:// Also note that all CSS editing at is theme specific and at present there is only one Volunteer who regularly provides support for CSS editing.

  3. I am sorry, this is for a client of mine and I didn't realize is the blog address:

  4. See if this is what you want (edit the hex color code as desired).

    #nav a, ul a {
    color: #CC0000;
    .photo-meta-inner a {
    color: #CC0000;
  5. Thanks!! Another question, anyway to remove the sidebar space on the first text box? I deleted the content under widgets to make is clear...but the empty space is still showing up.

    Thanks again!

  6. Also, the post titles on the individual pages are a color I need there a simple code to alter all of them?

  7. I'm not understanding on the removing sidebar space thing. I'm not seeing any empty sidebar space.

    On the color for the single-post titles... a, .content-title {
    color: #686868;
  8. On the home page where Baby Lily is, there is the sidebar widget space I can't seem to get rid of....

    Also, on this page:

    How do I change the post titles that are blue?

    Thank you again!

  9. Your images in that post are only 800px wide and have no actual image alignment set. That is why you have the whitespace to the right of them. Image alignment should be set in the image insert process, not using the text alignment buttons in the editor.

    Each image that is off to the left with whitespace to the right, edit those posts, click on each image to highlight it, then click on the edit image icon at upper left of the image and set the images to center alignment, update the image and then when you have done that will all the photos, update the post.

    I don't see any blue post titles.

  10. Thanks again....

    On this link:

    Does Merry Christmas show up blue on your end? If so, that is the text color I want to change.

  11. Merry Christmas looks blue to me. Here's the CSS from the stylesheet that's making it blue:

    a {
    color: #7292C2;

    That's a slightly different kind of page than the home page though, where I currently see the post titles showing up as dark gray.

  12. If you just want to change the colors of post titles and not all links, you can just adjust your existing CSS a little.

    Replace this: a,.content-title {

    With this: a,.content-title, .post-title a {
  13. Thank You! Thank You!

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