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    I’ve just set up a new blog – when I go to try and comment on other blogs and you have to pick a profile – Im assuming I pick WordPress? It then asks for your username.

    Every time I put this in, it then asks my my nickname/real name and if I want to transfer to blogger and I press no and then it comes up with:

    Your OpenID credentials could not be verified. And won’t let me post.

    Where am I going wrong? I have upgraded to my own domain – does that mean I need to select a different profile?

    Thanks for any help – I don’t understand everything just yet and having trouble finding an answer to this by searching.



    This is the typical scenario presented when attempting to post a comment on Blogger (blogspot) blogs. It’s crazymaking. The software assumes my blog is but I deleted that blog years ago. The OpenID run around almost made me pull my hair out. Unless the Blogger blogger changes their requirements for commenting to Name and URL I cannot post comments either.



    I am not the only one! I thought it was my high level of incompetence defeating my every attempt to leave comments!



    Goodness no – you are not alone. Unless the blogspot blogger sets his or her blog to allow for comments made by those who provide a Name and URL only you go nuts. The Blogger software assumes the wordpress username has the matching blog at — SNARL! I have two blogs on their own domains hosted by The username does not match with either one. OpenID is hit and miss. I have typed in my correct openID identity and it refused to accept it! Oh dear I think I’m ranting.


    Ah glad it’s not just me being stupid lol!

    Yes – I’ve just discovered the Name and URL seems to work OK but it isn’t always an option >(

    I couldn’t figure out why the OpenID wasn’t working either as no reason why it shouldn’t. I did think when it asked for my WordPress username but seemed to suggest it wanted the WordPress URL that one of us was getting confused lol



    No it’s not us — it’s the set up that’s stupid. :D



    Those over at blogspot literally don’t know what they are missing – such a relief to know that I am not alone!



    No help from WP on this at all? Even if we grant that google/blogger are idiots, surely there has to be a way to work or code around this problem. Searching the archives shows that this is not a new issue. Has this been left completely unaddressed? I migrated from a WP hosted blog to a privately hosted WP blog. I paid the $12 (or whatever it was) to forward the old one to the new one. The account still exists. I have not deleted the old blog, and can still access the dashboard of it. I can log into it. It is still there, but suddenly no longer authenticates OpenID.

    The only thing that changed for my blog is that I paid for forwarding. If I had known that paying money to WP for a service would make my life more difficult, I would have found a different way to do it (like just post a “look over there” entry on the WP hosted site).

    If I paid WP to break my comments, I would have liked to know that before I gave them my money. I think that should be included in the feature list of the domain forwarding. “This will make you unable to use OpenID to redirect your comments back to your blog.”




    Don’t use OpenID. It’s never worked properly for blogs with domain mapping and is sketchy for blogs without it.

    Put in the name/URL. That always works. It may or may not display your pretty avatar, but the link will work.


    I don’t know if this will help anyone (it is presumably different for users with own domain but might help those who don’t have one), but some while back I did a small tutorial about commenting via OpenID, amongst other things. It’s some way down this post here:

    I’m just hoping nothing’s changed since I posted it. There’s stuff going on with now that’s driving me nuts!



    absurdoldbird ~

    Nice post you did, but despite having a pretty firm grip on how to use OpenID, it began failing months ago and I never use it now.

    Especially annoying is the fact that, on Blogger, when I attempt to use OpenID, it not only fails to register my comment, it erases it in the process. I’ve learned on blogger to ALWAYS copy my comment before attempting to post it. And now I rarely comment unless the Name/URL option’s available.

    Needless to say, it’s reduced the number of comments I leave on Blogger posts considerably. It’s rarely worth the effort.


    @shoreactres. I rarely use OpenID either, I prefer name and website and, as you say, sometimes that’s not available on blogger blogs. However, when I did that post, it was still working for me. But blogger has always struck me as unstable for commenting. I had a blog there for a while and had to give up using it because of that – and a few other – aspects of it.


    True, blogspot has commenting issues. Yes, it is a pain to use. And absolutely agree that they don’t follow OpenID properly.

    Nonetheless, blogspot is VERY popular, and used by MANY people. I think that the WP coders could make it work, if they wanted to. Other OpenID servers are able to work with blogspot, just not WP. It appears that the WP coders refuse to work with blogspot out of spite, rather than any technical reason.




    Do not use OpenID.

    It’s never worked properly. It doesn’t work now. Don’t use it.

    Use Name/URL if you want to succeed.


    how do i post on blogspots



    Do you mean “comment” or do you mean “make a blog post?”


    raincoaster said:

    Do not use OpenID.

    It’s never worked properly. It doesn’t work now. Don’t use it.

    Use Name/URL if you want to succeed.

    Two issues I have with that:
    1. Not all blogs have name/url enabled. There are many that I acnnot use that option on.

    2. More to the point, WHY doesn’t it work. When I had OpenID worked perfectly, 100% of the time. I changed to and paid the annual fee to forward my wordpress traffic to my site, and OpenID broke at that point. If I were cynical, I would say that WP made it not work out of spite for leaving their domain.

    Regardless, there is no technical reason for it to not work. WP developers *CHOOSE* to make it not work under certain conditions. I back that up with the evidence that OpenID worked fine while I had my site hosted here, but as soon as I moved it away, it stopped working.

    I have some more testing I can / will do to further prove this, but that is my current standpoint. OpenID doesn’t work because WP decided to break it.


    *Also, why is there no [preview] function on this forum? What is this, the 1980’s?


    Solved the problem, sort of.

    Get an account at

    Then look in their help file:

    For the theme I am using, I had to add the lines to header.php Basically, just start looking through the php files until you see the <head> tag, and there will probably be a couple other <link rel … /> tags in there. I stuck the lines listed in toward the top of the bunch, and it works. I can use the OpenID menu selection on blogspot, give the root address of my blog (not necessarily the website address. Basically, point it at the address that is going to give it the header file you just edited.)

    Make sure you are logged into and it all seems to be working. I have exhaustively tested this with a sample size of one. If anyone else can verify / disprove what I found, please let me know.



    I just stayed logged in on wordpress when I went to a blogger blog and it automatically wanted me to comment as professorpatch… nothing else needed. Just typed the comment, and it came up.


    It works fine if your blog is hosted at The problem is when you use the WordPress engine on your own domain.

    For me, it all broke when migrated to my own domain and paid the fee to redirect the traffic from my blog to my new, private domain blog.


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