Help! comments not appearing – marked as spam?

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    One of my blogs won’t allow me to comment on other blogs. If I hit ‘post comment’ the comment just disappears. I’ve tried commenting on other blogs of mine and I notice the comment is marked as spam! Once I mark it as not spam it’s OK again.

    Does this mean someone has marked a comment I made as spam and now all my comments go into people’s spam folder? (I am NOT a spammer BTW)

    Is that how it works – one person marks a comment as spam and all subsequent comments end up as spam forever?

    How can I resolve this? Any help much appreciated. I can’t post in this forum either with the blog in question – very annoying.


    The blog I need help with is



    Contact: Support at akismet dot com and ask for your ID to be un-spammed.



    I just filled in a support form on their website, before coming back here to find your comment! Hopefully that will do the trick.

    Is this a common problem?

    Thanks anyway :)

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