HELP! Contributors can publish!! This must be changed.

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    Contributors can now publish when they shouldn’t have the ability to do so. When they submit their articles for review the posts are going live. This has happened twice today (11-16-12). This needs to stop because they have not been edited. Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    As far as I can see all posts on 11-16-12 are still in pending mode, waiting to be reviewed by the blog administrator.



    Hi Kardon,

    Thanks for replying. So that you know, the two posts that were published by the contributing author (who should not have this ability) on my blog where changed by me to “pending” shortly after they went live. This is why you could not see them as published.

    On this topic, I just received an email and phone call from a different contributing author notifying me that he could now see a “Publish” button that he could never see before. He hit the publish button and the post apparently went to my pending file. He had no “save as draft” or “submit for review” button.

    He was using Safari. when he went back to check it in Mozilla, the view was different. When I asked him to start a brand new test blog, he again saw only the publish button. He sent me a screenshot that I can send to you if you want (just tell me how to get it to you.)

    My fear is that any of the 200+ contributing authors will begin to publish on my site without my editing.

    Can you assure me that this won’t be the case?




    Hi Tom, I assure you that your contributors cannot publish to your site without you approving their posts. The issue that you originally reported was fixed.

    At the moment, it’s just a labeling issue. For those contributors who publish via!/post/ , it may appear that their posts are published immediately (based on the button text and the confirmation text), but those posts are actually being sent into the Pending queue. It’s on our list of things to fix, thanks for reporting. If you wish to share your screenshots, you can upload them into your media library in the Dashboard, via Media > Add New.

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