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Help customize my theme....basic question

  1. So, I have started my blog and selected the theme "Chateau" -

    I really like the theme, but was curious if there was something I could fix without buying the custom theme upgrade option. If I have to buy it, that is not a problem, but I just don't know how to fix this issue (even if it was free, or if I had bought the upgrade).

    So here is the blog I am talking about:

    There are several formatting issues that I really dont like and am hoping I can fix:

    (1) The text within a block quote is a lot larger than my normal text. Is there any way I can get them to match (or look more similar)?

    (2) The spacing between paragraphs within a block quote is HUGE! Can I shrink that?

    (3) Is there any way I can remove (or move) the "tags" that show up to the left of the text/post? I really just don't like them there.

    Any help on this would be appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can do all of those provided you purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing.

  3. Thanks TimeThief.

    So what you are saying is that I can ONLY make those changes if I purchase the upgrade, correct??

    Just double checking. (As I have no idea how to edit CSS...!)

  4. I mean, if I don't buy the upgrade, I am stuck with the format the way it is...!?

  5. Correct. Given the waiting time for help with CSS editing, I don't recommend purchasing the upgrade to any blogger unless they have CSS editing skills.

  6. Thanks again. Okay, I will look into the upgrade, but only after I start learning some basic CSS.

    What do you mean about the wait time with CSS editing? Is that something offered through wordpress?? If I submit a question to them, do they look at my CSS code and help me fix it.....but it just takes a long time? (Curious how that works)


  7. There is Staff support for the CSS upgrade but Staff are extremely busy and it can take several days to get assistance.

  8. "I mean, if I don't buy the upgrade, I am stuck with the format the way it is...!?"
    Not correct. You can change it via coding in the so-called Text editor.
    But it's not worth doing this for each and every paragraph or blockquote. So you either select a different theme or you buy the upgrade.

  9. Norman, I recommend you check out Weaver II theme. It allows you to load subthemes within it, and is very easy to change almost everything. I have modified virtually everything on my page and I have no clue how to do any CSS or HTML programming. See Some themes are easy to modify and some are very difficult. You don't have to buy the "pro" version of Weaver II to do most editing.

  10. @lmmiller9
    There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM and we cannot upload any WordPress.ORG themes and use them on free hosted WordPress>COM blogs. The only themes we can use are here >

  11. Thanks for all the info...!

    It looks like I am stuck with what I got -- at least for now. Its alright, I can deal with it (until I figure out the other stuff).

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