HELP! Deleting blog with no login

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    Some co-workers and I created a blog to boost SEO presence for a site we worked for (call it The site contains content that we NEED taken down. Desperately.

    None of us remember the username/password for the blog.

    What’s more – administrators of deleted the site after it tanked. So, our work e-mails ((email redacted), for instance) were deleted along with it.

    Now, when I request to have a new password sent to my e-mail account (because I forgot it), it goes nowhere (because the account doesn’t exist).

    What do I do?!



    Without the URL of the blog, we can’t even tell for certain if you’re in the right forum, but from the sounds of it you’re not. If you have multiple email accounts hosted on the blog, it’s probably not hosted by WordPress.COM, is it? In that case, you’ll need to look at WordPress.ORG for assistance, as our blogs work differently here.



    Oh, hang on, now I get it. Yes, you’re screwed until staff comes back on the 16th to help you, unless you can remember or find the username/password. I’ll flag this thread for staff attention, but who knows if they will pop in?



    Hi aroniadrinks,

    I’ll follow up with you outside the forums.

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