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    Need help with some template/design issues that have me pulling out my hair! I’m a blog newbie.

    1. How can I get rid or, or replace (maybe with a graphic), the ugly big white box thingy at the top of this template page? I’d like to keep the search option somewhere – how?

    2. How can I get rid of the duplicate of the Home Page Post that suddenly appeared at the bottom of this page? Also, how can I arrange the pictures on this page in two columns (I’d like to keep the size shown which doesn’t seem to be possible with that gallery thingy)?

    The blog I need help with is



    (1) That would require CSS editing skills, an annually renewable CSS upgrade and the ability to work primarily on your own while doing the CSS editing.

    I recommend reading this first >

    (2) Sorry but I don’t see what you are seeing.

    (3) image alignment >


    2. Use the gallery function instead of inserting them one by one and set it to display 2 across. You will have to play with the image sizing a little probably.


    The maximum width for two captioned images side by side in the theme you’re using is 240px. So what you should have done is go to Settings>Media and set 240 as your maximum width for the Medium option, then upload and insert the images, selecting align Left instead of None and size Medium instead of Full.

    Now that you have already inserted the images, you can edit them one by one to correct them: click on each image in the visual editor, click the edit (mountain) icon, click Advanced Settings, change width to 240, height to 320, and CSS class to alignleft, click Update. Click Update (post) when you’re done with all the images.

    Or (faster) – provided you have uploaded the images via the Add an Image tool of that page): go to Settings>Media and set the maximum width for Medium to 240, then edit your page, delete all the images, switch the editor to HTML and paste this after the text:

    [gallery columns="2" size="medium"]

    More info on galleries here:

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