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Help do i abandon my blog and start again or map a sub domain etc

  1. I have been advised that if i want my blog to be taken seriously by google i will need to use my own domain name, i have bought the domain name but i have been using the free one from wordpress already and it has had some views and i am doing some research with it. I like wordpress and want to use it but my hosting is already with host papa for a year i cannot afford to pay for both, (am happy to change to wordpress when its up for renewal) but i want to use my new URL for SEO, but so far I have pointed everyone towards the free wordpress one, what is the best way to combine the two, is domain mapping and what are the implications for this, can people still search under both URL's or is it to close the blog down, transfer files to new domain and stick a big redirect button on the old blog. I am happy to pay for domain mapping not trying to be tight I just dont understand which is the best thing to do, the blog is new but like i say i dont want to have to send out loads of redirects etc if i can help it. thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the custom domain name you have and do you have any content on it?

    Domain mapping costs the same as site redirect so no savings there

    Domain mapping would change your site from to - all the old links to will still work

    The SEO for Your site is about as good as it gets if you use good blogging practices

    yes a custom domain name has more class to many and is usually easier to remember

  3. thanks auxclass, new domain is, no content on it yet, been using the free one in my original post, happy with wordpress, just already had hosting from another site I have.
    So basically if i want to use the domain i purchased, do domain mapping from wordpress end? My hosting company suggested transferring files or setting up a cname, thats whats confused me really, thanks for your time

  4. Domain mapping:

    $ 13.-/ year - you need to keep your, not registered here - so add the cost of the domain name registration to the total yearly cost

    If you have email with, - there are several options - some cost some don't

    Email for custom domain names

  5. thank you. i wasnt sure if it was the best option but it looks to be thanks for your advice
    Best Wishes

  6. You be welcome & good luck

  7. Sorry just one more thing, someone threw a curved ball at me, if I do this, does it mean I cannot have advertising on my blog, I got told that doesnt allow advertising?

  8. You cannot have advertising on your blog, regardless of the upgrades you buy or do not buy. Only the $30,000 a year VIP program allows blogger-initiated ads.

    For people with the custom domain and mapping upgrades, they can apply to be considered for the WordAds program where you split revenue 50/50 with

  9. That is correct, WordPress.COM does not allow you to sell you own ads, put on AdSense etc.

    With a custom domain name you can apply to the WordAds program which is a revenue sharing system

    Note: from what I have seen and been told, it takes around 100,000 page views a year to make Pizza money with your blog.

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