Help: Domain Manager does not give me an option to forward my domain

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    Domain Manager does not display an option to “forward my domains” as seen in step 4 of the link.

    The only options presented are…
    – I want to park my domain
    – I have a hosting account with these domains
    – I have a specific nameservers for my domain

    Any reason why one of the options are not being displayed?
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    Unfortunately, this is appear to no longer be an option through our domain registrar partner.

    Did you need to forward your domain to another site?



    Well, I ended up purchasing a domain name through WordPress but I’m not fully satisfied with any of the blog themes that I’ve seen. So, I decided to use iWeb to build my own site and I’m already a Mobileme member.

    In Mobileme, I can add a personal domain, and the directions say, “Go to your registrar’s website. Define as the “www” CNAME (alias) for your domain.”

    That’s where I’m having issues. I just can’t seem to figure this out, and the link above was the only thing I could find to shed some light.

    Thanks for the quick response.



    You should be able to do that via your custom DNS panel:


    CNAME www [your Mobile me URL without brackets]

    However, keep in mind that MobileMe’s web service will be discontinued on June 30, 2012:



    I’ve done this, and for some reason, I can only visit my iWeb site when I’m in Safari but not when I’m in another browser like Chrome.

    When I’m in Chrome, and I go to it takes me to my wordpress.

    On Safari, it takes me to

    What’s up with that?

    Thanks for your help!



    EDIT: Okay, so “” takes me to my wordpress and “” takes me to my iWeb page. Is there a way to make “” to take me to my iWeb page?



    Unfortunately, that bit can’t be controlled via a CNAME, which is one of the biggest problems with the way MobileMe does things.

    You need to change your nameservers to your host to get what you’re after, but MobileMe doesn’t offer nameservers, only CNAME mapping, so you can only change the www portion of your domain.



    Gotcha, thanks for all the great help. My page is pretty empty and from what I’ve read, since I’m within 60 days, I should be able to move my domain to a new host.

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