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HELP ! Domain Mapping?

  1. First off - I am a total NON-geek. So, if you would, please be very detailed in your answer. Thanks!

    I need to transfer (map?) my existing to the page I just created on WordPress ( I do not need any of the information from the original site transferred.

    I DO need any mail being sent to "[email redacted]" to route to me at countrydanceteacher@


    In 2004 a young lady who was just starting out as a graphic designer offered to build me a website. (I paid her to develop it). She was working (her "real" job) at the same place I was. the site:

    I have no access to do any updates, if I need an update or correction, she charges me $50 to $100 and in may take 6-months to see the change.

    Recently a friend introduced me to WordPress. I've built my own website using their AMAZING tools.

    Now I want to get the to direct to the new site.

    NOTE: I did have access to my emails, but I don't have access now because I - REALLY - screwed-up and changed the "DEFAULT Email" to my new email address which ended up locking me out (since I don't have a login or password set up for that email address).

    I need to get this "fixed" before my annual fee is due to me previous provider ( in mid-July

    Can you HELP ? ? ? ?
    Blog url:

  2. Clarification regarding email addresses:

    my old address [email redacted] has been used for over 20 years, so I need to be sure that anything sent to that email will re-direct to my current email address.

    Thanks again

  3. To map your domain to a blog, see these instructions:

    In a nutshell, you have to change the "name servers" on the registrar's end, and purchase domain mapping on our end.

    Email will be more involved - during the transfer, you may lose access to your mailbox for a few hours, and some email may get bounced. I suggest you do this transition during a weekend or any other time when you're not usually getting a lot of emails, to minimize the damage from downtime. Read more about getting your email to work here:

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