Help- don’t have a clue what Im doing- changing to bluehost?

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    I purchased hosting at in hopes that the promised 1 click import was true, well.. it’s not.
    so. I’ve got a webhost now- with my newly purchased domain name- and can’t get my effing blog over there. Why? Help? how? I followed the step by step instructions and exported and imported and nothing happened. Obviously missing something.
    Advice would be muchly appreciated.


    It is a 1-click install script that installs wordpress software in your hosting account.

    You need to export your blog from here and then import it into the new blog.


    Did you get the export file on your computer?

    If you then go to the dashboard on the new blog and go to tools import, and then locate that file on your computer and try importing it, what happens?



    pulled a few hairs out and a glass of wine later…
    Figured it out. I apparently went to a further process before the first step and hurt my brain a little but then I figured it out. Thanks for the quick replys..
    New question, my imported blog is all good, but my blog is stiiilll kickin around. Do I just delete it or what?
    I think Ive got to go to the bluehost forum for the next questions, like can I have mor than one blog/site hosted there..

    serious newbie here. I just indulged myself in this mess a week ago and have no one around to ask questions, googling the shit out of anything I can make sense of!
    lol this is going to be quite the process man hahaha
    Trying to do it with as little money invested too! Then it’s Site Build It next. oy vey..



    DON’T delete your old site – you can set it to Private once the move is done – then you can come back and use your old site if you want – if you delete it the URL name can never be used again – there is also the off site forward or something that can send your old visitors to your new site – or you can delete the old content after the move is done and just leave a message “I have moved to” with a link.

    Make friends over at WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using:

    For more on the difference:



    :) thanks :)

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