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Help drmike help others. :)

  1. As some of you know, I've been trying to raise money to pick up a laptop. I have a new job (which one day I'll have the time to talk about) and it's been keeping me away from the schools where I normally do my online volenteering. With a laptop, I would have a lot more flexability to access the net and spend more time trying to help folks. Right now, I'm lucky to get less than an hour a day and even that's tight.

    I've set up a collection over at fundable. I'm trying to raise $650 to pick up a laptop and I need your help. Right now, I have raised a total of $610 with a due date to raise the rest Tuesday evening. I'm down to the last 28 hours.

    If I can't come up with that last forty bucks, all of the pledges go back and I don't get anything off of it. That would mean I would have to start over again from the beginning and right now, that's not in my budget.

    I'm hoping at least 4 people will step forward and pledge ten bucks a piece. That way I can continuing helping folks online with all of the projects I do. Receipts will be provided and posted online. I'll even take pictures.

    Thanks for your assistance,

    edit: Please remmeber that I don't get paid for any of this. :)

  2. How about posting that in our blogs? I'm unemployed myself at the moment, but happy to post for you if you'd like.

  3. Only 1 person and $10 needed now.

  4. Is that a secure site at Fundable?

  5. @nosy - as far as I could see - and I checked - yes.But at this stage it's a pledge. Have a look at their FAQ.

  6. I already donated but it's till at 76 - 99% funds pledged. :(

  7. I also donated earlier too and if this doesn't hit the top that would be really, really sad. :(

  8. I hope I did it right. I only used that account once before a long time ago.

  9. Only 1 person and $10 needed now.

    What did britgirl mean by that? That all that's needed is $10 more? Well then with what I donated, then it's over. I think.

  10. drMike
    u 'made my day' a couple of times.
    and tx for giving me a chance to make urs :)

  11. Greets:

    The site is secure and there's an 800 number as well.

    We made the goal (It's still showing as 76 - 99% for me as well and I didn't get any emails on the newest donations either. Something may be up on the site) and I want to thank you all.

    Short story is one of the churches I volenteer with has been "taken over" by one of the larger mega churches here in town and they're going to rebuild it as an inner city mission church. They asked me to come onto staff as the "Morning Volenteer Cooridnator" (How ever you spell that) which means I'm there from about 6am until I finally have all the fires out in the afternoon. The community college that I use for my internet access is basically telling me that my access to going to start becoming limited and it's about a 2 hour bus ride out to the university to use their computers. (I can only have dial up at my apartment and that's pretty much useless.)

    You are free to post it on your own blogs if you wish. We still have a few hours. I have a laptop sort of picked out but anything extra will give me a bit more leeway to play with. (I really would like a gig of memory on this machine)

    I'm doing laundry for a local client this evening so I'm tied up tonight. I'll be back tomorrow.

    Thanks again,

  12. "What did Britgirl mean?"...what I meant was I pledged $30 so there should only have been $10 to go. And I read that the target's been hit so that's good.

  13. I posted it in the blog, with the update.

  14. Update on the status of the collection by the way.

    I'm going for dinner and I'm going to bed.

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