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    I need to create a poll on one of my pages in which people can vote for a subject they wish to be covered at our conference. The poll needs to be tailored by the user, so not only do I need them to be able to add a possible answer to vote for, but whatever they add needs to stay as an option for the next person to vote for as well.

    For example;

    I start the poll with answers ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘space’
    I need to be able to vote for ‘space’, but also add and vote for the options ‘food’ and ‘maths’
    When the next person comes along to vote, the options now shown should be ‘dinosaurs’, ‘space’, ‘food’ and ‘maths’ with number of existing votes visible

    Does anyone know of a poll that can do this? So far I can find ones that let me add an answer when voting but then this can’t be seen by the next person, the best they see is a vote for ‘other’.

    The blog I need help with is



    This support forum is for free blogs. is a self-hosted wordpress.ORG install. and are completely separate and different:

    Please visit the support forum for assistance as we won’t be able to help you here: If you don’t already have a username on that forum, click the register button in the upper right corner so you can post in that forum.

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