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    Does anyone know of a theme that can get my wordpress to look just like New York Magazine’s Blog

    I love the layout.

    The space for a 728 x 90 banner and after that the blog area begins.

    To the left the blog banner/logo

    To the right room for a 300 x 250 banner ad with space underneath for other links such as our video page, to earlier blog posts, and facebook/twitter.

    The blog I need help with is



    When you post to this wordpress.COM forum we require the complete URL for the blog you are referring to starting with http://

    We provide support only for free blogs being free hosted by wordpress.COM beacuse we run on different software and have different version of themes from those at wordpress.ORG.

    To get support for any blog hosted by any web host other than wordpress.COM you must post to this forum > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    For more clarity read the sticky post at the head of this forum >



    Do you have ANY IDEA how much they paid for that?



    I could guess and my answer would choke the blogger who posted this thread. ;)


    I’d like to know how much it would cost. Enlighten me.



    Probably in the range of $8,000-$15,000.


    OK we have a web developer… But he needs to base the design off an existing template… I was just hoping to get a template that looked similar and was easy to work with and build on.



    That Facebook box seems to be messing up the design ;)



    You failed to post the URL for the blog to which you are referring.Are your referring to a free blog that’s being free hosted by wordpress.COM or not?

    I think it’s important to know that is a WP-MU blogging platform. The themes here were all originally coded to run on free standing wordpress.ORG software installs. In order to run on software they were “adapted” and some features were eliminated or added. As this is a WPMU blogging platform we cannot access and edit the underlying php and html in the templates. The themes we use here are all derived from shared templates and that means every blog wearing the same theme is in essence sharing the same underlying template here at wordpress.COM. Therefore only Staff can edit the themes and templates underlying them.

    We cannot add themes at wordpress.COM, we are limited to the themes found in the dashboard under Appearance > Themes only. If you have CSS editing experience, you can get the paid custom CSS upgrade and renew it annually. It will allow you to stylize the appearance of themes you find here > Appearance > Themes, but it does not allow you to change the functionality, by editing the underlying template. Also note that CSS is theme specific, so you cannot use the CSS stylesheets from other themes with the themes here at wordpress.COM.

    Since there is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support, I recommend that you don’t buy the upgrade unless you have at least moderate understanding of HTML and CSS because you must be prepared to do the work on your own. If you are considering purchasing the upgrade, you can go to Appearance > Edit CSS. There wordpress has provided a preview function where you can try before you buy.



    We really cannot begin to help you until you give us the URL of the blog you have. If you don’t have one yet, read those links in TT’s very first reply to you.



    If you are on then check out the Sandbox family of themes; the most recent is 1.6.1. They were specifically designed to act as the bare bones that you can then build upon with your own CSS rules. If you are writing something complicated from scratch then Sandbox is great: semantic code, lots of ids and classes to grab onto and of course you can still add image widgets and text widgets (including HTML) into your design. Pay me ten grand and I’ll do it all for you!


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