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Help for an idiot newbie.

  1. I've tried to find what I need here on the forums, but I don't understand most of the language you're speaking. I want to "host a banner" on my bloggy-thingy and I asked the organization how to do that. They sent me an e-mail with a link which I'm sure will tell all of the rest of you what to do. Here's the link:

    Is there anyone here who can tell me, in words of one syllable and in English, exactly what I'm supposed to do? I certainly know how to copy and paste, but where in tarnation do I do the pasting? I do apologize for being a moron, but I'm an old fart... Another idiot question -- How do I know if anyone has my answer? Do I get an e-mail, or do I just keep coming back to the forums? (I meant it when I said I was a newbie...!)

  2. Sure.

    At you can only use the static widgets, because the javascript ones get stripped out. You can see they've separated them on that page, so look at the static ones and pick which one you want. Copy the code in the box underneath it, and put it in a text widget. Instructions for the text widget are here:

  3. Another idiot question -- How do I know if anyone has my answer? Do I get an e-mail, or do I just keep coming back to the forums? (I meant it when I said I was a newbie...!)

    Well, from one idiot newbie to another (lol! -- in technonerdspeak, this means 'laughing out loud')...a way for you to keep a tab on the questions you have posted, and to see any replies, is to click onto the sentence underneath your post's title, called "Add this topic to your favorites (?)". This means that, when you are logged in, as you must be to be able to post a question in the Forums, you just click onto the "View your profile" link on the top right, just after the "Welcome, newbie" statement. You will then be taken to your Forums profile page, which has a listing of all the threads (questions) you have started within the Forums, and also the replies, and even how old the latest reply is! Cool!

    As far as I am aware, but then I'm a newbie and so don't really know, you don't get sent an e-mail notification; this is not Google Groups. But, then, do you really need it? You've posted a question, we must assume you will want to check for a reply! Easy-peasy! Cheers! :-)

  4. I just keep coming back to the forums.

  5. PS: I forgot to mention, perhaps you could also post your need (e-mail notification) as a suggestion in the Suggestions/Ideas forum.

  6. Thanks, thanks, THANKS! It worked like a charm, and now I've got my Kiva banner. I do appreciate your replies. Thanks again.

  7. thistimethisspace

    Your username is not linked to your blog. The link you provided is to an organization that loans money. I don't know what you mean by a KIVA banner but I do know that blogs are non-commercial blogs therefore advertising here is severely restricted and, I know that blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites. If KIVA is a commercial venture then recommend that you read the ToS and the advertising policy and if required that you ask staff for clarification on Monday. section 2, 5th bullet

  8. thistimethisspace, if you read anything at all about Kiva you will realize it is not a commercial venture, as I understand the term. It's constructively a charity. But thanks for the information.

    Now another question. Given all the caveats you mention above, and assuming it's possible to host 2 banners:

    a) How do you get a second "word widget" to paste the text into? I tried to add it to the one I have for Kiva but that only served to wipe out the entire sidebar.

    b) I'm asking because I would like to host a banner for the ASPCA. Now, they do in fact have a "shop" at their site. Does that make them a "commercial venture?"

  9. Kiva is an excellent project.

  10. To get another text widget, go to the widgets page, scroll down all the way to the bottom, and you can set the number of text widgets there. You can have up to nine.

  11. You can follow the forum by adding it to your feedreader. *cough* :)

  12. atthe404, You can follow the forum by adding it to your feedreader.

    Hey, yeah, I see it just above the Leave a Reply box; now, how cool's that! Tks! I did say I was an idiot-newbie, didn't I?! :~)

  13. Newbies tend not to use feed readers.

  14. They should do. They are cool.

  15. Is Kiva a legitimate charity? Never heard of it though. I'll post a button on my other blog which gets more hits.

  16. I don't know if Kiva is an official charity, but it is an initiative that is highly effective at changing the world in a positive way. The United Way is a charity, and their chairman had to resign because he was discovered to be keeping more than one teenage mistress on the payroll and in apartments at the expense of the charity. I've more or less lost faith in the official charity designation as guarantor of good deeds. Some of them have "administrative" expenses of over 85% of revenues!

  17. Underage teenage mistresses?

  18. Yep, one was only 14. That was about four years ago.

  19. I doubt he's in jail right? Figures. They rarely end up in jail.

  20. Can't girls of 14 get married in some US states? Or has that changed now after the rock and roller scandal?

  21. Not to someone who's already married, not even in Utah.

  22. Heck :) LOL :)

  23. @raincoaster:
    Newbies tend not to use feed readers.

    Are you quite sure about that...I'm a regular feed user within my IE7 and Google Reader. :-}

  24. Yes, I'm quite sure about that. If you want hard numbers, check out the Pew Institute, which releases the actual percentages regularly.

  25. @ rain, up late?

  26. Huh? Only lunchtime for me! I'm a vampire.

  27. 11:30pm for me. I must be a vampire too.

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