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    could i remove this bar like the picture pleease
    i already print screen the problem
    please help me.. it’s my boss website, n i’m still newbie at wordpress
    pleease god of wordpress help me…

    thxx before

    The blog I need help with is



    What bar are you talking about. The link you have provided is such that my machine has blocked it. Mediafire is for people to distribute the pirated software and my system blocks such sites in the same way as as all known porn sites are blocked.

    Good luck.



    @kiossoftwarepulsa: Why on earth did you upload the image to Mediafire? Upload it to your own blog via Media > Add New.


    Oooo dont know bout that… my friends tell me to use mediafire if need to upload file to the world….
    ok, i already fix it…
    i’m using my own blog… Media > Add New
    Here is the link…. ( am i doing correct?? )
    Btw, i’m using Intrepidity Theme

    Thx For the enlightment fromm all master…



    You’re welcome, but sorry, the site you’re talking about isn’t a blog: you’re in the wrong forum.



    @kiossoftwarepulsa and are completely separate sites >

    We do not provide support for installs on this forum. It’s only for those with blogs being hosted by

    You need to click the link go to the top right hand corner of that page, register a username account, if you don’t have one, and then post to the support forums.


    thxx all the master for the help…

    direct to the link… that the master give to me..

    thank you very much

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