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    I’m actually looking for someone i can call (even if it’s long distance, I’ll foot the call) to help me with my new Web site. Long story short, I’m a new non-profit business (which means I have no money), my Web master set up the site mostly pro bono but because of that is VERY hard to reach. The site is live (finally), and I’ve figured out how to do SOME things simply by looking and using “WordPress for Dummies,” but this is a semi-customized site and I’ve got lots of questions I can’t get answered.

    I’m also mostly computer illiterate (I’m amazed how easy Word Press is to pick up) which adds to my problem. If this is an inappropriate post let me know, otherwise, if there’s anyone who can help me, I’d REALLY appreciate it.



    Sorry, I THINK I”m on the wrong site. The words “self hosted” confused me, but Dotster is hosting my site. So I’ll go away. Sorry to bother you.


    Head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . That is the forum for self-hosted blogs.

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