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Help: Google Sitemap Issues

  1. In fact, no error occurred after the last post that I wrote (11th error). I think, newest posts don't cause an error anymore, but old posts errors still exist.

  2. It's certainly not fixed for me. I re-submitted the site map and now have 45 errors.

  3. I should have pointed out, it says 'Missing xml tag' 'This required tag is missing. Please add it. and re-submit'. Issues count 45. Parent tag:image Tag:loc. Line 3

  4. I'm trying to submit a map for the first time. When I test it first (before finalising) it comes back with the same errors as described by jansmix.

    I've updated my latest post as suggested.

    I'm also getting numerous duplicate title tags but I'm assuming this is a different issue.

  5. Retested sitemap following instructions, 112 "missing XML tag" errors still being reported.

  6. I just did what tivoli described--tested before submitting--and the test came back saying 30 errors, error: Missing xml tag, add 30. It did say "no warnings" whatever that means.

    Here's my screenshot:

    So I didn't submit it. I really don't understand any of this! Is this a problem???. I am very high in the google result pages for my topic, so in that case does it not matter if my sitemap is totally dysfunctional????

    On the other hand would it mean that I don't come up well in searches where the searcher doesn't really know the right search term to put in?

    I've read the support docs about sitemaps, but I just don't get it all...

  7. I am concerned about this because every post i add on my blog increases the error count in the sitemap (now at 47), and although my blog is indexed by Google, i am not getting any hits at all. There is definitely something wrong.

  8. Re the "invalid URL" issue:
    When I first submitted the url of my wordpress sitemap for the Google webmaster tools, I got that mssg too.

    It turns out the box you submit it in is NOT for the whole url, you have to leave off the whole first part of it --that's already there. You only paste in the little bit at the end, something like "sitemap.xsomethingorother".
    If you paste in the whole url of your sitemap, the address ends up totally wrong, all doubled...

  9. I certainly don't type in the whole URL i am not thick. Part of the URL is provided. I add 'sitemap.xml' at the end as is required. But i still have 47 errors in the sitemap.

  10. I guess I AM thick! Sorry, I didn't mean to imply anyone else was!

    I have 30 "missing xml tag" errors. but I have 39 posts and 10 pages, according to my dashboard. If the missing xml tags are related to individual posts (?) I wonder why I dont have 39. (I don't post frequently--my last 9 posts started end of April.)

  11. @ingridcc sorry i didn't mean to imply that you were thick either!! I just meant that i have not made any mistake, and i have had a fortnight of this error, and i am getting irritated by it all, as we are not getting any answers as to what is actually wrong. I didn't mean to growl at you though. Sorry.

  12. No worries! It must have seemed that I was aiming my comment at you since it came after yours, but I wasn't at all. And I really AM thick about this!

  13. We have a multi-author blog which we have now set to private, and removed all the posts, because Google just was not indexing anything properly. We had the same sitemap error. When we removed the few posts that had been indexed using Google Webmaster Tool, all the indexed posts were 'suchandsuch/feed'. I have never know that before. Why would they be indexing the feed of the post URL? There is definitely something going wrong between WP and Google. Perhaps it's widespread, but not everyone uses Webmaster, so there are not many who would be aware of it.

  14. I'm going to get really boring with this now, but, i have noticed that almost all my indexed posts are indexed either under the tag or category associated with it. Hardly anything is indexed as an individual post. Is this connected to the sitemap issue, or is that normal? I might just give up on blogging actually as it has become too much of chasing up errors these days, and is ruining blogging for me. Life is too short.

  15. souldestructionblog

    I have the same issue. How can this be fixed please. I have read this whole thread. Updated an existing page and still these errors are showing up

    Missing XML tag
    This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit.
    Parent tag: image
    Tag: loc
    Jul 26, 2012
    Parent tag: image
    Tag: loc
    Jul 26, 2012
    Parent tag: image
    Tag: loc
    Jul 26, 201

  16. I, for one, am fed up of waiting for an answer. This has been an on-going problem for almost 2 weeks now. I am not going to post anything else on my blog as i believe i am wasting my time by doing so. It's almost midnight and i have to leave now, completely irritated by the lack of help.

  17. I would like to point out that @jansmix added her own thread here about this site map problem on the 14th July, and was told it's not a WordPress problem. Yet in this thread staff admit there is a problem, so i can understand her frustration, especially as we are getting no help here.

  18. I totally agree this is frustrating, but I can't believe it's not still worth posting. for one thing views don't even all come from searches, they also come from links, feeds, and bookmarks, and from just being an online presence. And the more posts on a blog the more there is for a visitor to browse around on once they do get there.. Plus even if wp takes its own sweet time about it and leaves us hanging for a while, they'll probably figure this out eventually and whatever slump this caused in hits will come back up...

    Can someone explain to me how important a sitemap actually is???--I got the impression from the support docs and google's webmaster tools info that a site map is not even totally necessary--the search bots are going to crawl and index our sites in any case and will give ranking priority for a lot of different factors, like frequency of posting, number of bigger sites linking to you etc. How important is the site map we (or wordpress) provides them?

  19. @ingridcc Jan is Welsh. With Welsh women it's a case of, it is or it isn't, it's right or it's wrong, it's dark or it's light. There is no middle ground for them, so, for Jan, the site map issue means the blog is broken. You may not see it like that, but then she doesn't see it like you do. It's all relative. Jan has blogged for nearly ten years on WP with different blogs and she says she knows instinctively something is not right with her current blog, and i for one, believe her. Why haven't staff got back to us with this? They were replying previously, and are now ignoring this thread despite repeated comments.

  20. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your patience. We've pushed out another round of fixes that we think should resolve the XML errors. Note that you'll need to update an existing post or publish a new one to force the sitemap to refresh.

    If you are still seeing issues, two things that will help use track things down fast (thank you for everyone who reported these):

    * The sitemap URL you are submitting
    * The errors that Google is showing


  21. Thank you @batmoo. We'll do as you say, and keep fingers crossed that it now works. Cheers

  22. I removed the site map, edited a post, and then re-submitted the site map...and for the first time in 2 weeks i have no errors!! Thank you @batmoo, although i am a bit narked that i was told 2 weeks ago that there was no problem with my site map when i questioned the errors. Alls well that ends well though. Thank you

  23. Error-free report here as well -- finally. Thank you. Hope it's a permanent fix (been through this before!)

  24. Errors are gone, thank you..

  25. Error free as well. Thank you.

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